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Best Electric Standing Desks with Wireless Charging

Solid wood top adjustable desks with wireless charging

Electric standing desks are renowned for their advanced technological features. Unlike a stationary model, electric standing desks can be tailored to the needs of the user by offering implementations such as height programming. As new developments in technology are constantly emerging, the average desk worker is now more than ever, reliant on a variety of electronic devices to support various professional tasks. From tablets to smartphones, office furniture manufacturers are beginning to understand that there are many pieces of equipment that are essential to a successful work day. Unfortunately, not all workstations are equipped to support this range of technology. In other words, you may not have enough electrical outlets or chargers in your office to power all of your devices at once.

At EffyDesk, we are always looking for ways to improve our highly advanced electric standing desks. Not only are our beautiful products engineered with longevity in mind, but we are constantly transforming the user experience with futuristic implementations. Recently, Canada has seen a tremendous increase in demand for standing desks with built-in wireless charging. EffyDesk is proud to introduce our newest collection of standing desks - the Wildwood Collection. Below we will go over all of the features of this collection and how it suits the everyday needs of the modern desk worker.

Wireless charging feature

As previously mentioned, wireless charging has been a key point of interest amongst professionals looking to purchase a new workstation. Although it is possible to buy separate wireless charging stations that can be plugged into an electrical outlet, this can be cumbersome and counterproductive if you do not have many outlets available. Better still is a built-in wireless charging station that is fully integrated into your table top. With the development of our Wildwood Collection, we have responded to this call by flawlessly integrating a high-powered wireless charger in each of our new models. Set your cell phone or tablet on the charging section of your desk and you will be able to free up electrical outlets for other devices and leave all your cords at home. Rest assured, this innovative feature is completely concealed within our stunning table tops. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your charger clashing with your interior design. Our wireless charger is designed to work for you, making it easier than ever to multi-task.

USB charging port

For some devices, wireless charging may not be an option. In this case, it is useful to have quick access to a USB charging port at your workstation. Our team at EffyDesk has recognized this oversight in standard desk designs, which is why we have implemented a USB charging station within our Wildwood standing desks. Our USB charging ports lay flat against the surface of our table tops, making them a discrete yet highly practical addition to your standing desk. This small charging station is tucked in the corner of your workstation, and is paired with a built-in memory keypad. This makes it possible to program up to three desk heights so that your table is in an appropriate position for each user within seconds. By combining these features in a compact keypad, workers have all the same surface area that one would expect from a stationary desk.

Solid wood top

When you think of a technologically advanced, ergonomic piece of furniture, it may be hard to imagine a stylish design. Our Wildwood Collection offers both premium functionality and appearance with a beautiful, solid wood table top. This adds a natural, expensive look that warms up a modern office space. At EffyDesk, we are passionate about sourcing high-quality materials that exude class and are built to last for many years. We are excited to announce that our Wildwood standing desks are now available in three different wood options - pheasant wood, acacia, and walnut. Let’s explore these beautiful materials.

Pheasant wood

Pheasant wood is a particularly rare variety consisting of both dark red and golden brown streaks, much like the feathers found on a pheasant’s tail. The curvature of the lines and the high contrast of colors in this wood makes it among the most sophisticated in terms of appearance. This truly is a work of art in itself, making it a great choice if you are looking for a statement piece to compliment an otherwise minimalist workspace. This species of hardwood is also known as Cassia Siamea, which is its scientific name.


Acacia is a highly sustainable type of hardwood. It is commonly used to make wooden furniture, largely due to its impressive durability. Acacia offers a warm, golden brown color that can easily be worked into any office space. This variety works especially well with a rustic, cozy interior design. Acacia wood surpasses many of its competitors in its hardness, making it one of the most low-maintenance, reliable options if you are worried about factors such as small children or pets damaging your office furniture. This table top is among the least likely to become scratched.


One of the most distinctive features of walnut hardwood is its deep, coffee-like colour. Although walnut is a relatively popular choice among interior designers, this is considered a luxury material. Like acacia, this variety is extremely strong, and can therefore withstand more than the average plank of wood. The grain found in walnut wood is typically straight, however one can often find slight irregularities in its lines, which adds to its upscale appearance. This striking choice of table top is an excellent choice for a modern, minimalist office design. By pairing it with a white frame, this wood creates a stunning colour contrast that will immediately draw the eye.

Are you looking for a standing desk with wireless charging? Our new Wildwood Collection at EffyDesk offers that and so much more. Enjoy additional features such as a USB charger and solid wood tops. For more information on the collection, do not hesitate to contact us.