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11 Modern Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The size of your home should never stop you from having an effective and functional work space. If you’re looking for space saving ideas for your home office, you’ve come to the right place!

The back of a person sitting at a white desk that is surrounded by personal items.

A small size office design can still provide you with a productive workspace to call your own, and there are plenty of creative ways to make the most out of limited square footage for your home office design.

Will your workspace take place in the master bedroom or the family room? From bedroom small home office ideas to living room office design tips, here is our list of 11 practical interior design tips for small office design.

What is a Modern Office?

Mac desk setup with journal, cell phone, and packing supplies.

A modern office is a functional and stylish space that allows you to be productive. Modern office room ideas consist of essential amenities that can help you work comfortably without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Key elements of a modern office include:

  • A comfortable chair with good back support 
  • A functional and sleek desk
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Well-lit workspace (e.g. task light or mood light fixture)
  • Organization accessories (e.g. wall mounted bookshelves)
  • Ergonomic accessories for proper posture

Keep on reading for more interior design ideas for your home office space!

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Office

Eco-friendly office furniture including a desk, laptop stand, phone stand.

When choosing home office furniture, it is important to think about how you’ll be using the space. Will you be taking lots of in-person meetings at your office? If you do, you may need a desk with more surface area. Or do you primarily work alone in front of your computer all day? 

Next, consider the size of furniture you’ll need. 

Do you have a small office floor plan? Would a small desk work great for you, or will you need a larger work surface? Do you need a convertible office space that you can hide after hours? All of these things are important to consider when designing your dream office.

Tip: If you plan on spending most of your time seated at the desk, then you need an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomically designed to support your back. After all, it can be difficult to concentrate on your work if your body is in pain! 

How to Decorate a Small Den Office

First things first, get the right desk and chair. Your other accessories can work around your office furniture. When shopping for the perfect desk and chair, make sure you seek out ergonomic office furniture to help you work in comfort. 

Your desk and chair should adjust to your perfect ergonomic height to prevent strain on your muscles. Pair it with some monitor arms and a standing mat to alleviate strain on your eyes and legs - and you’ve got the basics for a perfect set up.

As many dens don’t have sufficient lighting, opt for lighter coloured accessories and furniture to help you brighten the room.

Bedroom Office Inspiration

Bedroom office design ideas

When working from your bedroom, it’s especially important to have a clear boundary between your work and home. Opt for furniture that has wheels so you can push it into the corner or into a walk-in closet as storage solutions

For those with a tiny bedroom, make sure you also invest in a thin divider to cover up the rest of your bedroom during Zoom meetings.  

Living Room Office Design

Living room office design ideas

If you’re working out of your living room, consider an L-shaped desk. Say goodbye to doing your work at the dining table – an L-desk will tuck neatly into corners with double the amount of precious tabletop real estate

L-shaped standing desks are perfect for maximizing space, and you can even add cabinets underneath for storage. The L-shaped desk brings more floor space so you can keep your living room for socializing. 

PRO TIP: Add a sofa or armchairs behind the desk, facing the other direction to create a partition in the room. Or, add a bench behind the seats with taller decor to create the illusion of a partition. There are plenty of creative ways to split up the space so have fun with it!

Cool Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you have to stick to just a desk and chair. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate aspects of your personality into your office! 

You can also get creative with wall decor accessories to spice up your space. Paint your shelves, and tile to the top of your storage cabinets, add a little disco ball on your bookshelf- the options are endless! 

Make sure you add little touches of the things you love around your workspace.

How to Make Your Home Office Look Professional

The golden rule to a professional looking office is to invest in key office furniture pieces. For most modern offices, you’ll want to look for an adjustable standing desk, ergonomic chair, and sleek monitor arms

Choosing a Desk

L-shaped standing desk

The first step in creating your dream office is to choose the right desk

Keep in mind, a small home office needs to accommodate all your work equipment including computer monitor(s), laptop or tablet, telephone and other devices, plus have enough room for paperwork etc. 

If you are working from a computer for a large portion of the day, start by purchasing an ergonomic sit-stand desk. This will allow you to work at the perfect height whilst sitting or standing. Not only is this better for your overall health, but it also helps to increase your productivity. Seek out a desk with a memory keypad that automatically adjusts so you don’t have to fiddle with the height when you’re in the zone. 

Looking for more countertop space, but don’t have room for two desks? Opt for an ergonomic L-shaped desk. The height-adjustable corner desk will help to maximize your space and productivity.

Choosing an Office Chair

Ergonomic office chair

The next thing to think about is what type of office chair to get. 

Again, there are many different types available, but when working from home in a small space, it's important to go for an ergonomic model. This means the chair will adjust to fit your body shape and provide good back support. Your back should be straight and not over-arched or hunched up as this position can lead to discomfort and even injury. 

An ergonomic chair is also important for making sure you maintain good posture whilst working. It will help reduce the risk of neck and shoulder ache, tension headaches, and other various body ailments associated with long term strain due to improper posture and support. 

This type of office chair should have adjustable height so that it always fits perfectly with your desk height - after all we're all different heights! 

If you're looking for an ergonomic chair designed for a small space, be sure to check out the CeliniChair, our newest executive mesh task chair.

Arranging Your Space

Now that you have the essentials covered, it's time to start arranging your space. Think about how you use your current space and what pieces of furniture would be most useful in a home office environment.

The key to a good layout for a small home office is to make the most of your space! Start by deciding where your desk will go, by placing the desk along the wall you’ll open up more floor space which will make the room feel larger. 

Opt for cabinets that tuck nicely under your desk, so that you can free up the wall space for a bookshelf, or shelving units. The most important thing is to have enough storage space to keep all your work area tidy and organized.

If you have a window in your office, keep the blinds/curtains open during the day so that natural light can help illuminate and brighten up your space. 

Gone are the days of an office telephone line, now that Skype and Zoom have taken over - but how often do you reach for your headphones for a call? Instead of a desk phone, does it make more sense to invest in a headphone stand? Try to think about what electronic equipment you’ll need before you start to set up your office. 

Space-Saving Office Ideas

Obviously we would all love to have a separate room dedicated to our work - but in this economy, that’s just not the reality for most. To achieve optimal productivity, remember to create a clear divide between your home and office, even if it’s in the form of a temporary divider.

For those who have a larger studio space, try using a partition wall to separate your work area from other areas in your house. A large bookcase can also create the feel of a separate office, without the hefty price of a two bedroom.

If you’re working from a small bedroom, you could try DIY’ing a non-permanent divider, like a curtain or a divider on caster wheels. This also gives you the flexibility of moving the divider around when needed in a small room.

Whether you’re working from a home office, or simply your living room, don’t be intimidated by a simple small office layout. With convertible furniture, and clever storage ideas - the options are endless! 

Once you’ve gotten the space arrangement down, it’s time for the fun part: decorating ideas!

Let’s take a look at our list of 11 modern office design tips for small spaces. 

11 Modern Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small office design standing desk setup

01. Use vertical space.

Eco friendly wall decor set made from recycled chopsticks

If you're short on floor space, use the walls and ceiling to your advantage. Install shelves or cabinets up high to store your supplies and equipment. You can also hang accessories, curtains or plants on the wall or from the ceiling to add some visual interest.

02. Go for a minimalist look.

Minimalist apartment office space looking at the city

A cluttered desk is not only unsightly, it's also inefficient and can lead to distractions. Keep your work neat and tidy by opting for a minimalist design.

For more interior design style ideas, check out our article, "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style!

03. Use an adjustable height desk for standing or sitting.

Eco friendly height adjustable standing desk

An adjustable-height office desk can make all the difference if you work from home in small spaces and want the option of both sitting and standing throughout your day. The added bonus: our Business and Executive office standing desks come with cable management accessories to keep wires out of sight - genius!

04. Need extra storage space? Try adding a file cabinet.

Eco-friendly file cabinet made from recycled chopsticks

Stay organized with modern file cabinets that can help you keep important files stowed away neatly. How about one made from recycled chopsticks? Great for you, and just as good for the environment.

You can also consider using a smart storage system to keep your things organized and within easy reach.

05. Add pops of colour to add personality.

Minimalist style desk accessories

Add pops of colour through stylish storage boxes, colourful bookends, and a fun table lamp to personalize your office space. It can also be as simple as adding a plant to existing decor for a splash of personality.

PRO TIP: Find complementary colours and stick to that colour palette. Make sure it doesn’t look or feel cluttered! 

06. Use multifunctional furniture.

If you're short on space, look for furniture that has multiple purposes. For example, a wobble stool you can use to practice active sitting while working or for simple stretches when you're on a break. Another idea is to use a bookcase with open shelves can act as both storage and display space.

07. Go for light colours or neutrals.

Light colour palette interior design

Dark colors can make small spaces feel even smaller. Instead, opt for light colors or neutrals to brighten up the space and keep it feeling open and airy.

08. Add a mirror.

Mirrors hanging on the wall in home office

A mirror is not only stylish; it also has functional benefits like making your office look bigger by reflecting natural light from windows. You can choose from mirrors hanging on the wall or a framed standing mirror depending on your style.

09. Use whiteboards or bulletin boards as writing surfaces.

Bulletin board and woman in minimalist home office

Stay on top of your agenda using white boards or wooden bulletin boards to easily jot down important notes or calendar memos. 

11. Use lighting strategically.

Beige tone home office with a laptop and desk lamp

When it comes to office design, good lighting is essential.

Consider using under-cabinet lights or low wattage desk lamps that can provide focused illumination where you need it most - like at your desk when writing reports and working on spreadsheets late into the night! 

Ready to build your dream home office? 

Small Home Office Design Ideas

EFFYDESK can help! We’re an ergonomic office furniture company based in Vancouver, Canada. We believe an engaged workspace that enables routine movement is the future of work. Our mission is to provide innovative ergonomic products that help people work in happier and healthier workplaces. 

Thousands of North American workers and corporate teams of all sizes have transitioned from sedentary lifestyles to staying active and upright at work by choosing EFFYDESK – we’re excited to help create your ideal office so you can work more productively than ever, too.

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