• Eco Bundle. Eco Bundle.
    Current Price 1,750 CAD
    Original Price 2,110 CAD
    Save 360 CAD

    Circular Bundle

    Join a greener and sustainable future with our fully adjustable standing desk made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks. Includes our TerraDesk, AeryCh...

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  • Essential Bundle. Essential Bundle.
    Current Price 1,200 CAD
    Original Price 1,430 CAD
    Save 230 CAD

    Essential Bundle

    The ideal starter bundle to get your very own functional and ergonomic office setup. Includes our small Business Standing Desk, Aerychair, Anti-Fat...

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  • Grove Bundle Grove Bundle
    Current Price 1,895 CAD
    Original Price 2,105 CAD
    Save 211 CAD

    Grove Bundle

    Embrace efficiency and elegance with our Grove Bundle. Includes Pheasantwood or Acacia Wildwood Standing Desk, Pheasantwood or Acacia DeskShelf,...

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  • Arbor Bundle Arbor Bundle
    Current Price 2,655 CAD
    Original Price 2,950 CAD
    Save 295 CAD

    Arbor Bundle

     A timeless and convenient option for all working styles. Includes the walnut Wildwood Standing Desk, walnut DeskShelf, CeliniChair, ModernCabin...

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  • Wildwood Desk Wildwood Desk
    from 1,200 CAD

    WildWood - Standing Desk

    Breathtaking solid wood table tops that include care-free wireless charging right on top. A timeless and convenient option for all working styles...

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  • Standing Office Desk Standing Office Desk
    from 745 CAD

    Business - Standing Desk

    Fully adjustable and customizable standing desk, suitable for the go-getter. The Business desk, is our best seller for its ability to keep up ...

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